Chemical Formula:  Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3

Composition:  Calcium and iron 

Crystal System:  Cubic (Isometeric)

Mineral Group:  Green colour variety of the Andralite Garnet

Mineral Class:  Silicates

Hardness:  6 — 7

Density/Specific Gravity:  3.7 — 4.1

Refractive Index:  1.88 — 1.94

Double Refraction:  None

Absorption Spectra:  701, 693, 640, 622, 443

Colour:  Green to emerald green

Pleochroism:  None

Transparency:  Transparent

Lustre:  Adamantine 

Luminescence:  Inert

Cleavage:  None

Fracture:  Conchoidal 

Countries:  China, Korea, Russia, USA, Zaire

Notes:  The most valuable member of the garnet group

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