Chemical Formula:  Cu2O

Chemical Composition:  Copper oxide mineral

Crystal System:  Cubic (Isometeric)

Mineral Class:  Oxides and hydroxides

Hardness:  3.5 — 4

Density/Specific Gravity:  5.85 — 6.15

Refractive Index:  2.849

Double Refraction:  None

Colour:  Streak brown-red, carmine red

Pleochroism:  Visible

Transparency:  Sub-transparent to sub-translucent

Lustre:  Adamantine (diamond like) sub-metallic 

Luminescence:  None

Cleavage:  Imperfect/Fair

Fracture:  Conchoidal

Countries:  Australia, England, France, Namibia

Notes:  Known as red-copper ore. Cuprite is soft, heavy, and brittle.