Buy Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Buy Diamond Engagement Ring Online

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The life long commitment of to love and behold till death do us part, begins with four simple words, “will you marry me”. And hopefully, for the person popping the question, which in most cases is the male, the answer will be YES! But when that question is raised, on one knee, a ring to match her beauty will appear. And to find that beauty, you can search online and find some excellent bargains through some very honest and respectable dealers. You can save yourself time and money if you buy diamond engagement ring online. It’s quick, convenient and you can buy with ease of mind, from the comfort of your home or you can go to the showroom.


Buy Men's Diamond Engagement Rings

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We don’t want to sound prejudice by suggesting that it is always the male who pops the question, so for the ladies who are thinking about asking the four magic words then simply click on the link below. There is a great range of men’s diamond engagement rings and bands also on sale and matching his and her’s sets.


Buy His and Her's Matching Rings and Band Sets

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You’re the perfect match so why not get the perfect matching his and her’s rings and bands. 


Don't Know What to Buy?

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what type of diamond ring to buy her, then my advice is, choose an ideal round brilliant cut. You can’t go wrong. It is suited to all shapes of fingers and hands and the symmetry of an ideal round brilliant cut maximises the reflection and refraction of light in a diamond. In other words you get the maximum flash for your cash. I have witnessed a New Year’s Eve fireworks display exhibited in the table of a .50 ct excellent round brilliant cut diamond, while next to it laid a lifeless 2 ct emerald cut diamond that looked more like a glass table than a diamond.

If I was to choose a diamond ring today, for my loved one, the round brilliant cut would be my first choice. However, you may have another diamond shape in mind so I would like to give you a few tips, which might make your decision a bit easier, before you begin your shopping.

buy diamond engagement ring online

Some things you may want to consider when buying a diamond ring!

Choose an excellent smaller round cut diamond in preference to a larger poorly cut diamond. The cut is most important.

Take into consideration the shape and size of fingers. Example, a marquis cut is best suited to longer slender fingers. 

If choosing a heart shape, look for a weight above 0.5 ct. Smaller stones do not often showcase the definition of the heart shape.

Inclusions in a large emerald cut, that has poor clarity, will most likely be visible to the naked eye, through the top of the table.