Australian Black Opal Pendants

australian black opal pendants

We specially handcraft beautiful Australian Black Opal Pendants featuring stunning Solid Black Opal Stones. 
All Black Opals listed on our website, come directly from the Opal fields of the Lightning Ridge region in outback NSW, Australia,
home to the rare and exquisite Australian Black Opal Stone.

When selecting a Gold Pendant the best-coordinating colour for Opal is Yellow Gold. White Gold looks great with Blue colours and Rose Gold compliments Pinks, Aquas, and Blues.

THE Pendants

All Black Opal Gold Pendants are made from either 9 K (375) or 18 K (750) Australian Gold. Your choice of colours include Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold

THE settings

Our Black Opal Stones are Bezel-set for security and protection. Bezel-set Opals are surrounded completely by Gold (360°) which also enhances the stone's natural features.

THE chains

Our 9 K and 18 K Gold Trace Chain necklaces are Italian made and Italian designed. Crafted with South African gold, the links in this chain provide strength and durability.

design your


When browsing through our website you may come across a loose opal stone that you really have your heart set on but you don’t have your own trustworthy jeweller to set it for you. If so, then please let us know and we can help you out and set it for you. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then just send me the below listed details of what you heart desires and I will send you photos of all the Opals that match your description that are not yet listed on this website.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your preferred predominant colour or colours, if applicable
  • The shape of your desired stone – oval, teardrop, freeform  
  • Size of stone – carat weight
  • Price range
  • Gold colour – Yellow, White, Rose 
  • Gold karat weight – 9 K / 18 K

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