Chemical Formula:  NaAlSi2O6 · H2O

Chemical Composition:  Hydrated sodium aluminium silicate 

Crystal System:  Cubic (isometeric)

Mineral Group:  Zeolite

Hardness:  5 — 5.5

Density/Specific Gravity:  2.22 — 2.29

Refractive Index:  1.479 — 1.489

Double Refraction:  None

Absorption Spectra:

Colour:  Colourless, white, pink, cat’s eye, greenish

Pleochroism:  None

Transparency:  Transparent to transluscent

Lustre:  Vitreous

Luminescence:  Fluorescent in short and long wave Ultra Violet light

Cleavage:  Very poor

Fracture:  Uneven to subconchoidal  

Healing Stone:  Headaches

Countries:  Deposits found in Australia, Canada, Cyclopean Islands, Iceland, Italy, Kerguelen Island, Namibia, New Zealand, Russia, UK, USA

Notes:  Produces a weak electrical charge when heated and rubbed. Brittle tenacity.