Most Brilliant Diamond Cut

Most Brilliant Diamond Cut

Most Brilliant Diamond Cut

The most important characteristic (C) in a diamond is a diamond’s cut. And if you want a stone to produce head-turning flashes at the party then choose a most brilliant diamond cut. The Most Brilliant Cut Diamond gives you that magic and sparkle at the party.

The cut is the dominant factor determining brilliance, fire and how efficient light is reflected, refracted and distributed within the crystal. A brilliant cut diamond does turn heads!!!

The structured mathematical formula for creating the most brilliant diamond cut provides the foundation for diamond cutters (diamantaires) to achieve maximum brilliance and fire. Excellent symmetrical proportions and an outstanding polish finish are vital aspects of a brilliant diamond.

most brilliant diamond cut

The first thing we naturally see in a diamond is scintillation, best described as the intensity of sparkles a crystal produces when rotated at different angles. A poor diamond cut can create a lifeless and dull stone no matter how good the colour and clarity ratings are. So If you want maximum scintillation, then select a brilliant round cut stone.

TOLKOWSKY- Mathematical Genius 

On Christmas day in December 1899, a genius by the name of Marcel Tolkowsky was born in Antwerp Belgium.

Raised in a family of diamond cutters, Marcel chose to study engineering, and in 1919, he mathematically calculated the specifications required for a diamond to display maximum brilliance and fire without losing light through the bottom and sides.

And today, Mr. Tolkowsky’s specs are still the benchmark for diamantaires.

Marcel Tolkowsky died aged 92 in New York City on February 10, 1991.

The Brilliant Round Cut

Marcel Tolkowsky’s calculations provide diamantaires with the critical specifications to produce maximum brilliance and fire. Achieving these results requires a diamond to be expertly cut in Facets featuring excellent symmetry with perfect proportions.

The Ideal Cut controls the path of light and achieves maximum brilliance or fire without light passing through the bottom or sides.

Most Brilliant Diamond Cut
Round Brilliant Diamond Cut Symmetry
  • Table specification is 53{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff} – 57{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff} proportional
  • A table of 53{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff} produces more fire
  • A table of 57{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff} provides more brilliance

Brilliant Round Cut Diamond




TOP – CROWN          


Kite Facets are also known as Bezel Facets



Ideal round brilliant diamond cut
Light reflection in a Brilliant Round Cut compared with light leakage in shallow and deep cuts

Additional Points to Consider

There are many different diamond shapes on the market and some are very fancy. However, none match the ability to maximize light reflection like the most popular diamond shape, the brilliant round Tolkowsky cut. BUT in saying this, look for HIGH-GRADE QUALITY CUTS. It is no good looking for a round diamond if it is a poor cut. You will regret it so don’t waste your money on poor cuts.

  • The Brilliant Round Cut compliments all finger and hand shapes, unlike some other cuts. For instance, the Pear and Marquise best highlight longer and slender fingers.
  • Diamond shapes such as the Heart, Pear, and Marquise need to be exact in symmetry and proportions. The halves must be identical and mirror each other.
  • Heart shapes should be a minimum 0.50 carat. If the Heart is too small, the visual definition of the Heart will most likely be lost.
  • Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on the planet but can break when struck at the right angle. Hardness refers to the resistance to being scratched by another material and not how hard it is to break. Cleavage and culets can be exposed to danger.
  • The Princess cut is characterized with squares and rectangles having sharp edges. The cleavage on the edges is more vulnerable to breaking.
  • The Emerald displays a large table which can highlight inclusions.


Cuts Diamonds Shapes













Round Brilliant
The Round most Brilliant Cut Diamond is the most popular diamond. excellent cuts bring out the brilliance and fire.

Cut in both square and rectangular shapes. Unique colour display in all corners of the stone.

The Cushion cut appears in the shape of a pillow and characterized by brilliance, clarity, larger cut facets, and rounded corners.

Symbol of dedicated love. Popular in both rings and pendants. Symmetry is vital for heart shape as both halves need to be identical. It can be difficult to identify a small Heart shape stone under 0.50 carats.

A teardrop shape from combining Round and Marquise cuts. A slender and delicate look. Ideal for longer fingers. Cut to display brilliance. Symmetry is essential in this cut.

Highlight slender fingers. Excellent symmetry is critical for the look of a Marquise. The two ends must align with each other, and the two halves must be identical.

The Radiant has the characteristics of both a Cushion and the Princess cut. If you take a look at the diagram above you will notice the attributes of both the Cushion and Princess.

A similar cut shaped diamond to a Square Emerald cut. First produced in 1902 (Asscher brothers).

The Emerald features step-cut rectangular facets in the pavilion and has a large rectangular table showcasing its colour and clarity. The large table highlights visible inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye.

A popular shape, similar to the brilliance of the round cut and goes well with all types of jewelry.

Please Click to watch a short video on Diamond CuttingDiamond Cutter - Amsterdam


We have confirmed that the Cut (1) is the dominant characteristic in a diamond followed by Colour (2) Clarity (3) and Carat weight (4).

We have established that Tolkowsky’s specifications for a Brilliant Round Cut Diamond maximize brilliance and fire.


  • The cut is the most critical characteristic in a diamond stone.
  • The Brilliant Round Cut provides for maximum Brilliance, Fire, and Scintillation.
  • The round most Brilliant Diamond Cut is the best choice for all budgets.
  • Consider an excellent cut with a lower grade clarity if your on a tight budget.
  • For the ladies, you do want to flash and sparkle at the party – RIGHT?
  • And for the guys, you do want that flash for the cash – CORRECT?
  • And you both don’t want to regret a poor decision in years to come, do you?


And if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave a message. It will be nice to hear your thoughts.

And whatever the occasion, I wish you the very best!!!

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I am guessing that many of you who are reading this post have been affected or are going through a relationship breakdown. Divorce or a canceled wedding, either way, it is sad and an unpleasant experience. But you are not alone, there are many people in the world experiencing what you are experiencing right now, and one of them is me. I never thought it would happen, but it did.
So what did I do? Well, I figured that life is too short to be wasting away. I was born for a purpose in life, and I am not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself. It is time to move on and not look backward and be positive in life.

While going through the separation, I researched some statistics regarding divorce that surprisingly made me feel more fortunate than others. I dug out some alarming statistics from a post by Audrey M. Jones, Attorney, Historical Divorce Rate Statistics.

Divorce Rate Statistics in the 1940s                                             


  • 1940 – 20{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1941 – 22{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1942 – 24{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1943 – 26{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1944 – 29{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1945 – 35{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1946 – 43{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1947 – 34{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1948 – 28{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}
  • 1949 – 27{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}

World War 11 – destroyed lives and relationships! 
These statistics are pretty sad because as you can see, there 
was a noticeable spike in divorce right after World War 11. World War 11 ended on May 8, 1945, and it is evident the war not only destroyed human lives but relationships as well. Soldiers coming back home, mentally scarred or incapacitated from the conflict of war. Issues that most probably created a lot of strain on relationships within the family unit. Many women found jobs while their men were at war and may have been reluctant to give up their new found freedom. Anyway, whatever the reasons were the war had an impact on the divorce rates, and as you can see in 1946, the divorce rate was as high as 43{049d3018651de2a7e433ffb13acdc36a21b9ea4fa995a70edf1ffcc6a2970dff}.

When I look back in history and see what others have endured through times of hardship, especially the conflict of war, it gives me a healthy positive attitude to make the most out of life and move forward.


Moving forward after divorce

By moving forward, you will be eliminating as many of those memories as you possibly can. If you can remove all of them well, that’s just where you want to be. You can start the process by getting rid of that ring. It no longer has sentimental value only monetary value. So go on take the money. Cruise the Caribbean, Sizzle in Vegas, Swim with Marine Life on the Great Barrier Reef, just go out and enjoy life!!! There is so much out there, and you don’t want to miss it, right?

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If I have missed anything that you can think of that can help others then please leave a comment. Life is about helping each other.
If you would like to leave a comment and express your opinion(s) then please do so. 

Hopefully, you will take that step forward and I wish you all the very best in the process!!!

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